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Aube iOS

Aube iOS 11 is a another beautiful theme, It contains 210+ icons, new anemone Effect and much more features. How to download and install cydia/Siloe/Zebra guide.

Initially aube is came with iOS 8 but now its supports with up to iOS 11, Also works on iOS 14.3. In this tutorial you can learn how to install aube iOS 11 theme step by step.

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What is Aube iOS 11 Theme?

Aube is another popular Cydia theme that can add embellishment to iOS default icons. Initially aube developed by @psprrom(Twitter), later @frenchitouch updated compatibility to iOS 9 and iOS 10.

The latest version of V1.2 was released on August 6, 2018

How to download

You can simply download theme by adding below repo url in to cydia, then search “Aube iOS 11” on search tab.

And also you can add following repo

Add to cydia:

Step 1: Open Cydia app and navigate sources tab

Step 2: Press Edit button upper right corner

Step 3: Press Add button on upper left corner

Step 3: Paste copied Repo in URL textbox

Step 4: Press Add Source ( it will downloading relevant sources in to cydia)

Step 5: Press Return to cydia button

Step 6: Navigate Search tab on Cydia

Step 7: Search “Aube iOS 11” and select the theme from result

Step 8: Press install button upper right corner & Tap Install again on popup

Step 9: Press Confirm – it will install the theme

Step 10: Again press Return to Cydia button

How to Install

Open snowboard and enable installed theme.

Below video guide also helps you to install theme.

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